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The MANLEY REFERENCE HDCD DIGlTAL TO ANALOGUE CONVERTER is a totally dual mono concept in its vacuum tube analogue and power supply sections. The GOLD plated digital board features TWO custom built fully differential 20 bit ULTRAANALOG converter units combined with the ULTRAANALOG AES-21 monolithic jitter reduction circuitry plus the Pacific Microsonics HDCD decoder / processor and filter unit. Besides decoding HDCD recordings to their fullest potential, we proved by careful listening and measurement that Dr. Keith Johnson's input filter design provided superior resolution on all available digital material.Jitter content is lower than 20 picoseconds peak-to-peak (8 picoseconds RMS) with a -14dB, 1K input over most of the audio range.
After numerous listening tests, and much feedback from existing clients we developed a special topology for the vacuum tube analogue line amplifier: a fully differential input circuitry driving our favorite high current totem pole output stage. Both single-ended capacitor coupled unbalanced outputs and balanced transformer coupled outputs are provided.
In the final analysis this combination of leading edge technology and design delivers what we set out to achieve: a truly musical converter that sounds like the best of analogue with complete freedom from annoying digital artifacts.

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